Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Progesterone Treatment for Brain Injury

    WDMIH co-founder, and member of The Cook County Trauma Unit at Chicago’s Stroger Hospital, Roxanne R. Roberts, MD, FACS is currently involved in a study to investigate progesterone therapy in severe head injury in both civilian and war injured patients. The results look promising… Learn more about this global, 3-Phase SyNAPSe Study sponsored by BHR Continue Reading

  • Institute of Medicine issues its Report on PTSD in Veterans and Military Populations

    This new report from the Institute of Medicine offers a detailed consensus report on the current state and state of the art regarding treatment efforts for PTSD in veterans. It also lays out a road map for research into best practices and alternative therapies for PTSD, including the therapeutic use of animals such as service Continue Reading

  • Help us rescue Pippa from Afghanistan.

    War Dogs Making It Home has agreed to take Pippa to be trained to become a service dog to help a veteran suffering from PTSD. Pippa will provide one of our soldiers with a fantastic companion and be his partner in creating a happy future.